Monthly Archives: October 2018

Millennial Mentoring

Millennial Mentoring. Rewarding relationships = retention. Growing the next generation of talented workers and business leaders is always a challenge, now perhaps more so than ever. What has become clear over the past few years is that the millennial generation (those people born between 1984 and 2012) has a markedly different outlook on work than […]

Career Advice: What to do when the Mentee has No Clear Career Goals?

The “sweet spot” on career advice When it comes to career advice, it makes mentoring a lot easier, when the mentee knows exactly where they want to go in their career. The trouble is, many mentees – particularly those in the early stages of their careers – have only a general sense of direction (if […]

What Does Great Developmental Conversation Look Like?

What does a great developmental conversation look like between line manager and direct report?   The weight of evidence in recent years with regard to traditional performance appraisal and developmental conversation between line managers and direct reports presents a clear picture – not only do they not motivate higher performance, but they often reduce motivation […]

Procrastinating and How to Stop It!

Procrastinating or procrastination, is typically a repeating cycle with four stages: Putting off something we aren’t positively motivated (energised) to do Feeling guilty Reduced self-esteem and self-efficacy Reduced energy, which makes us more likely to put things off Coaches and mentors can help clients break the vicious cycle of procrastinating by firstly helping them to […]