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Corporate Mentoring

A well-run mentoring program can deliver big dividends to any corporate community. Mentees are given an opportunity to learn from more experienced staff and expand their networks. Mentors also develop; learning coaching and leadership techniques that make them better managers and leaders. Corporate outcomes can include staff retention, increased productivity, breaking down communication silos, managing talent and corporate culture and streamlining organizational change.

Art of Mentoring has been working with corporate clients for over 15 years. With clients like Toyota, TNT, LG and Campbell Arnotts, we understand the needs and challenges of the business community.

Art of Mentoring


At Art of Mentoring we believe mentoring enriches people’s lives and strengthens communities. The stronger an association’s sense of community; the stronger the

We combine evidence-based mentoring expertise with the latest technology to enable associations to develop and deliver high quality, cost effective mentoring programs. We are based in Australia, but we service clients around the world.

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How It Works

There are 3 ways to work with us

Mentoring Marketplace

We offer a suite of evidence-based tools, training and resources as well as consultancy services to assist with design and implementation of mentoring programs. Purchase just what you need to optimise your mentoring toolkit.

Mentoring Marketplace


Our plans are suitable for organizations that want a mentoring
program with high quality participant resources, online mentoring software and best practice in design. Plans range from providing basic support and structure to a fully managed program with sponsorship support.



Some organizations have large or complex groups or unique organizational goals that do not mesh well with our standardized plans. In these instances we can tailor a bespoke mentoring program that is specifically customised to your needs.



Deborah Bacon

Corporate Manager

National Fleet and Strategic Services
Toyota Australia

We have used the Art of Mentoring team twice at Toyota to design and deliver mentoring programs. The first highly successful program was one for female managers. This time we are using mentoring to support the company and our people to make the transition out of local manufacturing. Art of Mentoring consultants are entirely managing the program for us so we can focus on the business. Their resources are world-class, customer care is fabulous – we really feel like they are on our team.

Mentoring Readiness Self-Assessment

A test to see if your organization is readyto implement a mentoring program.

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