Getting to the heart of autism

Mentoring People with Autism

Autism is a badly misunderstood condition. While extreme autism may be disabling, it’s a mistake to think of all people on the autistic spectrum as disadvantaged. In reality, high functioning autistic people have significant advantages over people…

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Middle-aged women contemplating menopause in the workplace

Mentoring and Menopause in the Workplace

Menopause in the Workplace: The Missing Life Stage in our Conversations.   “I feel ripped off that no one talked to me about it.” [1]  “I’m 46 and I felt so unprepared and shocked when it happened.”  “The silence - it’s the worst thing,…

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Unhappy at work?

When a Mentee is Unhappy at Work

Unhappy at work? Everyone has times, when their job just doesn’t seem to give them the same satisfaction. These feelings of being unhappy at work don’t always last – simple shifts in role or responsibility can make a radical difference, for example…

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Team performance is based on balancing team leader vs team

Negotiating the Balance of Power Between the Team Leader and the Team

Power struggles in team performance One of the biggest impediments to team performance occurs when there is a mismatch between the leadership style and behaviours the team needs and those that the leader and the team default to. The word "default"…

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Have we forgotten how to be human?

Does the Advance of Technology Mean we are Forgetting how to be Human at Work?

How to be human at work... what the? A recent trip afforded me the rare luxury of time to read and catch up on recent TED Talks. It struck me that there was a consistent message underlying many of these – that as technology gradually infiltrates…

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