Millennial mentoring| A happy group of millennial aged people

Millennial Mentoring

Millennial Mentoring. Rewarding relationships = retention. Growing the next generation of talented workers and business leaders is always a challenge, now perhaps more so than ever. What has become clear over the past few years is that the…

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Dartboard targetting the correct career advice

Career Advice: What to do when the Mentee has No Clear Career Goals?

The "sweet spot" on career advice When it comes to career advice, it makes mentoring a lot easier, when the mentee knows exactly where they want to go in their career. The trouble is, many mentees – particularly those in the early stages of their…

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Closeup of procrastinating business leader

Procrastinating and How to Stop It!

Procrastinating or procrastination, is typically a repeating cycle with four stages: Putting off something we aren’t positively motivated (energised) to do Feeling guilty Reduced self-esteem and self-efficacy Reduced energy, which makes us more…

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Businessmen shaking hands during a meeting.

How Mentoring Can Facilitate Acquisition

The immediate aftermath of an acquisition poses a number of major challenges. While many of these challenges relate to integration of systems and structures, the people challenges are often the most difficult and long lasting. In particular:…

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A line manager providing coaching to his direct report

Coaching: How Much Should Line Managers Give Direct Reports?

Coaching: it’s a natural assumption that the more coaching and mentoring a line manager gives his or her direct reports, the greater the positive impact on performance and engagement. In reality, however, according to a study by Gartner[1], there is…

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