What do mentees fear most?

What do mentees fear most? A mentor enters a mentoring relationship knowing she has skills and knowledge to share with her mentee.  Naturally this makes the mentor feel pretty good.  Not only is she a decent and generous person, willing to share…

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Separating Out Sponsorship and Mentoring

Separating Out Sponsorship and Mentoring Various studies have demonstrated conclusively that sponsorship and mentoring are different, largely incompatible relationships [1]. Attempting to combine them leads to reduced impact in terms of both career…

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How Mentors Can Exercise, Use and Apply Emotional Intelligence

How mentors can exercise, use and apply emotional intelligence By Sonja Feil, Client Development Consultant & Sophie De Haan, Psychology Intern Thomas International   The concept of Emotional Intelligence was devised by Peter Salovey and…

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Are You Getting Value for Money on Your Investment in Mentoring? 

Are you getting value for money on your investment in mentoring?  You’d expect most companies with established mentoring programs to give an unequivocal yes, but the reality is that most organisations don’t know. So here are some basic indicators…

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Use Mentoring to Claim The Tiara You Deserve

Use Mentoring to Claim The Tiara You Deserve! Guest blog by Lis Merrick, Managing Director, Coach Mentoring Ltd   Tiara Syndrome is a term originally developed by Carol Frohlinger and Deborah Kolb and then used by Sheryl Sandberg in her book…

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