The Study

iCare’s Back on track is a mentoring program designed to help seriously injured people return to life after a road or workplace accident. The goal is to support seriously injured people deal with the challenges of living with their injuries, and assist them with some of the obstacles they face as a result of their injuries in a positive, supportive environment.

This mentoring program is believed to be a world-first, pairing injured people with Paralympian athletes as their mentors. A small pilot was launched with under ten pairs, so that the program design could be tested. Mentors and mentees receive the usual training from us to prepare them for mentoring, but also get extensive support for their wellbeing. As many of the mentees are young people still recovering from the initial shock of their accident, it was important that the program was high touch enough, with the program managers staying in regular contact to check in with their progress. The program will roll out to other participants once the pilot has been evaluated.

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