The Study

Lexis Nexis asked for our help in 2014 to launch a mentoring program to support employees across Australia and New Zealand. The program is now in its third year and is considered highly successful.

Mentors and mentees apply and are matched up using our online mentoring program administration platform. We conduct the Program Launch and Progress review sessions in a meeting format in the Lexis Nexis Australian head office, plus webinar format for those in other regions or in New Zealand. Where possible, pairs are matched within regions but if the best mentor for a mentee is on another location, they work together virtually.

We conduct the program management on behalf of the Lexis Nexis HR team, allowing them to focus on other initiatives. They keep an eye on the program by attending events and through our reporting to them after surveys are completed and based on our follow-up with participants. In 2016, they were able to see a common developmental thread amongst mentees (observed in mentee application data) and are supporting those people with extra education and coaching.

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