Design, create or restructure a successfulMentoring Program every time

Build a mentoring program with the best practice of the experts, yet with your audience in mind. Our Design Kit is a fully customisable set of guides, templates, tools and support structure for the most successful mentoring programs. It takes you through on-boarding stakeholders, designing the program to best tackle key business strategies and creating affordable mentoring programs with all the bells and whistles.

Learn how to start a successful program or improve an already existing one with our online accessible resources, tools, training and support. All of which is customisable to your needs!

Design Kit

Everything needed to start or rekindle your mentoring program!

This is your comprehensive guide to professionally set up a mentoring program.
It includes guides and tools to design, run and evaluate the health and success of your program.
This package includes additional support forums. Connect with our expert community about the challenges you face with your mentoring program.
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A comprehensive kit for setting up mentoring programs

Full list of features in the Design Kit

  • “How to set up a mentoring program” eGuide
  • Multimedia recruitment kit - recruitment video to onboard mentors and mentees, with sample webpage & flyer
  • Program applications for mentor & mentee
  • Matching kit - instructions for program administrator for matching mentors and mentees (eGuide) PLUS a guide for self-matching program applicants
  • Detailed Program Timeline - for 6-month and 12-month programs – takes the guesswork out of planning
  • Regular communications - with mentors and mentees to keep them engaged: suggested 6 or 12 month emails matched to detailed timeline
  • Surveys - to check the progress after one month, half way, program close and after one year

Design Kit

Features inside the Design Kit

  • How To Setup A Mentoring Program eGuide
  • Recruitment & Matching Kit
  • Communications & Surveys
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Training Toolkit

Features inside the Training Toolkit

  • Online Training Course for Mentees & Mentors
  • Mentor & Mentee Tools
  • Articles & Tips
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Program Manager’s Pack

Features inside the Pack

  • Design Kit
  • Training Toolkit
  • 50 Online Training Courses for Mentors & Mentees
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Here’s what others are saying:

“Art of Mentoring is a very informative and interactive resource that provides our program participants with clear, short and easy to understand steps and tips on what mentoring is, the importance of a mentoring program and how someone can build and maintain a meaningful mentoring relationship. We continue to receive very positive feedback from our users about this resource.”

– Adriana Gowthaman
Project Manager @ Australian Mines and Metals Association

“Art of Mentoring was a great addition to our program. The online course helped us tackle geographic dispersion and maintain the quality of face to face training. Content was top quality too.”

– Kim McGuinness
Managing Director @ Mentor Central

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