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Why Use a Plan?

Whether you want to manage your own mentoring program or hand over everything to the experts, our plans are a cost effective way to take advantage of Art of Mentoring’s design expertise and online resources.

Every plan provides access to our mentoring technology platform and follows good design practice, using the standards devised by the International Standards for Mentoring Programs in Employment (ISMPE).

Our Programs are Structured Like This:

How to Choose a Plan

Our plans are based on the most popular mentoring program configurations, providing options for organizations with varying in-house resources and budgets. Once you choose the plan that is right, you can add options to tailor the program to your needs.


Just the Basics

Perfect for a pilot or a low budget mentoring program


Full Resources

with access to professional mentoring resources


Premium Package

Self-managed program
with access to premium
mentoring resources


Fully Outsourced

Let the experts handle

Enterprise plans are also available for multiple programs running concurrently and customised functionality.

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Starter Pack

Just the basics

Our starter plan allows organizations with the resources to self-manage a
mentoring program to augment their program with online mentoring program technology and professional training for mentors and mentees. This plan may also be suitable for pilot programs and organizations with restricted budgets.

Silver Plan

Full Resources

Our silver plan provides access to comprehensive design and training guides and tools to enable your in-house team to develop a professional mentoring program. It also includes access to our full suite of online software and courses.

Gold Plan

Premium Package

Our gold plan provides a premium resource package for a more comprehensive self managed mentoring program. As well as the full collection of resources provided in the silver package, this plan also includes Expert Webinars for professional mentor and mentee training.

Platinum Plan

Fully Outsourced

Our platinum package is designed for organizations that don’t have the internal resources required to run a professional mentoring program. We provide a Dedicated Program Manager to design and administer your program, as well as the full premium resource package included in the Gold Plan.

How It Works

There are 3 ways to work with us

Mentoring Marketplace

We offer a suite of evidence-based tools, training and resources as well as consultancy services to assist with design and implementation of mentoring programs. Purchase just what you need to optimise your mentoring toolkit.

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Our plans are suitable for organizations that want a mentoring
program with high quality participant resources, online mentoring software and best practice in design. Plans range from providing basic support and structure to a fully managed program with sponsorship support.

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Some organizations have large or complex groups or unique organizational goals that do not mesh well with our standardized plans. In these instances we can tailor a bespoke mentoring program that is specifically customised to your needs.

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