Quality mentoring without the

quantity of workload, money or red tape.

Growspace, powered by Art of Mentoring, is a pod-based mentoring solution providing your people the space to grow.  

Under a shared structure, we facilitate a range of expertly-resourced and fully-managed mentoring programs while you provide the people. And before you ask, there is no “people cross-over” with other clients; only the savings you make by sharing our dedicated program managers, software and training tools. 

Think co-working hub-cum-internal mentoring program!  

The 3 simple steps


a pod or two in a program of your choice

Each pod includes 10 pairs (20 people) and you can purchase multiple pods across any of our mentoring programs


your mentors and mentees

We walk you through the process and provide you with tools to help you market and recruit your mentors and mentees internally.


the rest

to us

We will involve you in the final matching decisions and then over the next 9 months, you'll receive regular progress reports on how your pairs are going.

All Growspace programs are powered by our Art of Mentoring software, which has been purpose built to deliver effective mentoring and successful matching.

Not to mention, housing our global best practice online training.

Art of Mentoring software shown on different devices

Growspace mentoring programs set for launch

Growspace for


This program is ideal for women working in male-dominated sectors.

Our learning materials are tailored to prepare mentors for mentoring women and dealing with the kinds of issues and goals women typically bring to mentoring. 

Mentees are women at any level.

Mentors can be men or women at more senior levels than the mentees, who can help them navigate and further their career in your organisation.

Growspace for

Emerging Leaders

This program is for the new and about-to-be leaders in your organisations.

Our learning materials are tailored to assist mentees new to leadership with suggested reading, and to prepare mentors for mentoring employees who are starting out on their leadership journey.

Mentees are new leaders.

Mentors are more experienced leaders - ideally people who model the kinds of leadership and cultural behaviours you wish to have embraced in your organisations.

5 reasons why Growspace just works

Get our expertise with a much lower price-tag by piggy backing into a bigger program. 

Save on infrastructure, program management and software.

Although part of a multi-client program, your data is your data and can only be seen by our Program Managers. 

Your people will be only be matched with your people. 

Every program has a targeted theme to meet the in-demand business objectives of our times. 

Much better than a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Because we run the program for you on our software platform, there is no lengthy software procurement process, which saves you time and money.

Just say "yes" and we can get you ready to start.

It's taken us 20 years to build our mentoring resource library. This wealth of knowledge will be provided to your people.

Receive recruitment materials to help you fill your pod with people.

Pods closing soon. Limited spaces available.


"My mentor and I were finalising my goals and I have been able to tick off some major ones. It has hugely assisted my confidence in having tough conversations which has paid off!"

One of our happy mentees

"I think the matching process contributed to my positive experience in the program. I really enjoyed mentoring someone who was motivated, organised and willing to learn and I enjoyed learning from my mentee"

Another of our happy mentors

Time to make your mark with mentoring, without the effort and without the price tag.