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Every client achieved at least 80% satisfaction ratings from their participants

Software Plans and Inclusions



Great mentoring is more than a piece of software, it is an art. Our mentoring philosophy is grounded in supporting our clients, providing evidence based resources and tools, online training and access to program design specialists.

Mentoring programs powered by Art of Mentoring shift the dial on company culture, they embed a development and growth mindset within a team, they support individuals to achieve goals well beyond anything they imagined for themselves. We strive to deliver transformational mentoring.

Our mentoring program plans meet the needs of different sizes and types of mentoring programs. Our mentoring software makes it simple and seamless to set up, design and implement, all with the comfort of knowing the Art of Mentoring team is there, flying alongside you in delivering your program.

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Our Mentoring Plans

Mentoring on Demand

Always on, automated.


We provide tools, you drive the program.


High touch where we manage the program and platform for you.

Platinum Flexi

Budget friendly and we drive the program and platform for you.

Pairs Included N/A 20 pairs 20 pairs 100 pairs
User limit Tiered active users Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Matching Type Self-match Admin / Preference Admin Admin
Matching Algorithm Yes Yes Yes Yes
Automated Communications/Nudges Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Smart Surveys Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Mentoring Cloud Software Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mentor/Mentee Application Templates Yes Yes Yes Yes
Integrations (Zoom/Teams) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Advanced reporting Yes Yes Yes Yes
Events module X Optional Yes Yes
Presentation Kits for Mentoring Events X Yes Yes Yes
Multimedia Mentor & Mentee Training Yes Yes Yes Yes
Articles, tips and Tools Mentors & Mentees Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hosted Program Webinars X Optional Live Live/Prerecorded
Dedicated Program Management Automated DIY Yes – High Touch Yes – Budget Friendly
Program Manager Training, Guides and Templates X Yes NA NA
Dedicated Support Online only Unlimited Direct Access Unlimited Direct Access Unlimited Direct Access
Satisfaction Rates of Matched Pairs 70% + 80% + 90% + 85% +
Single Sign On Optional Optional Optional Optional

Mentoring Plan FAQS

  • Our program plans are uniquely charged by the matched pair, not by the user. The plans start with 20 pairs but you can add an unlimited number of pairs.

  • Our software is licensed on a per annum basis, enabling you ultimate flexibility in program structure, length and participant engagement. Select your plan and we’ll work with you to tailor it to suit your mentoring requirements.

  • Yes, you can! And you can link admin access across your programs

  • Yes! Our powerful Group feature lets you manage multiple cohorts in one program.

  • Not only software support, but our highly rated Mentoring Program Manager Training provides 13 hours of online instruction in program design and management for your program administrators.

  • Contact us or request a mentoring software demo and we can talk pricing.

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