Everyone Needs a Mentor

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Author – David Clutterbuck

Why: The updated classic, with case studies and examples



Mentoring is the most cost-efficient and sustainable method of fostering and developing talent within your organisation. Mentoring can be used to stretch talented individuals, power diversity programmes and ensure that knowledge and experience is successfully handed down. As such, the benefits of a mentoring programme are numerous: the mentee receives a helping hand to identify and achieve goals and the mentor gets the satisfaction of helping others to develop. Organisations offering mentorship gain from improved employee performance and talent retention. Everyone Needs a Mentor explains what mentoring is, what various models there are and how these differ from coaching. It shows you how to make a business case for mentoring and then how to set up, run and maintain your own programme. The fifth edition has been revised and updated to include developments in the field within the last 10 years. Issues such as multinational mentoring, maternity mentoring and the impact of social media on mentoring, are now covered and are aided by a wealth of international case studies.

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