Making the Most of Developmental Mentoring


The most up-to-date overview of what mentors and mentees need to know to get the most out of their learning relationship. Based on extensive research and international good practice, this comprehensive yet easy to read e-book provides mentors and mentees with practical advice on setting up and managing the relationship, from beginning to formal end. Please open the ePub version for iPads and iPhones in the app, iBooks.

Author – David Clutterbuck



A practical guide for mentors and mentees… Research suggests that mentees achieve greater confidence in their own potential and ability, and feel more secure in their role due to their involvement in mentoring. Additionally, having a mentor has been a critical factor in the career success of 80% of UK chief executives, and case studies from Australasia, South Africa and North America support this general picture. Mentoring has also been well evidenced to impact positively on an organisations’ retention, recruitment, succession planning, communication between silos and diversity management.

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