Monthly Archives: July 2016

Responsibility for Success in a Mentoring Relationship

Who is Responsible for the Success of a Mentoring Relationship? Ultimately the success or failure of any mentoring relationship comes down to just one person, and it may not be the person you are expecting. It is easy to argue that with a mentoring relationship, like any other relationship, “it takes two to tango”.  The […]

Linear vs systemic perspectives on talent and succession

Linear vs systemic perspectives on talent and succession This is a guest blog by Professor David Clutterbuck In our continued work with organisations on systemic talent management strategy, we frequently find that – consciously or unconsciously – it is the mindset of the leaders and the HR team that determines what is possible and over […]

Self-confidence and critical thinking for mentees

Self-confidence and critical thinking are identified by mentees as top development needs Every time Art of Mentoring initiates a mentoring program, interested mentees are asked to complete an application questionnaire.  In the last year, nearly 600 mentees from a very diverse mix of occupations and career stages have participated in our online programs and each […]