One Size Does Not Fit All

Programs targeted at particular employee or member groups can be more effective than a broad brush mentoring program offered to everyone.

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Every client achieved at least 80% satisfaction rates from their participants

Designed by Experts

Whatever your organisational objective or people challenge, there is likely to be a mentoring solution. Art of Mentoring specialise in supporting organisations to design mentoring solutions specifically tailored to your needs.

Poorly designed and executed mentoring programs are destined to fail. We know what works, our experts have more than 20 years’ experience across a vast array of industries.

Without a clear purpose, mentoring programs become a ‘tick–a–box’ exercise to which no one in your organisation will fully commit. They need direction, commitment and a little bit of love to help them flourish.

The Ripple Effect

Types of Mentoring Programs

  • Built upon the proven foundation of our Art of Mentoring Programs, we have developed a tailored solution that specifically addresses the need to support women to reach their full potential.

    Mentoring can provide a safe haven for growth and enable cross-gender collaboration and learnings.

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  • Art of Mentoring partners with Supply Nation provider Warrgambi to help provide Indigenous Mentoring Programs with the cultural support they need and have helped implement many First Nations mentoring programs for membership organisations and First Nation led organisations.

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  • During the 2020 pandemic, we saw a huge rise in Reciprocal Mentoring – where traditional mentoring pairs flipped roles and mentors discovered they were receiving mentorship from their mentees.

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  • Diversity & Inclusion initiatives are commonplace in organisations today, as they strive to harness the talents of an increasingly diverse workforce.

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  • Art of Mentoring  has supported many virtual or eMentoring programs and can deliver virtual mentoring programs with bespoke resources, mentoring software and  online training for your mentors and mentees.

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  • Are you ready to provide your team with the support they need to grow within your organisation? Art of Mentoring deliver programs to retain your leaders of tomorrow.

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  • Art of Mentoring are experts in delivering tailored mentoring programs to support graduates on the next stage in their development. We support organisations to meet the goals of their people, and the organisation.

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“Reverse mentoring is said to foster improved intergenerational relationships, enhance diversity initiatives, drive innovation and engage millennials.”

Turning Mentoring On It’s Head
Reverse and Reciprocal Mentoring




A guide to unleashing the hidden value in your organisation through high impact strategic mentoring programs.

Most human beings and organisations have one thing in common – they both want to do better. But it’s hard for one to achieve without the other. When you can harness both you can achieve great things.

Unfortunately, most organisational structures are hierarchical, which may aid efficiency but not necessarily “real” human interaction.

Solving the human equation is the cornerstone of great culture and the larger and more diverse the workforce, the more challenging it becomes, even before we factor in things like location, technology and pay rates.

Well designed and managed mentoring programs can have a dramatic impact on workplace culture and people engagement. A strategic mentoring program transcends hierarchy, creating relationships and interactions to build individual and hence organisational value.

In this guide we present you with proven practical insights on how to design, build, implement and automate a high influence mentoring program and create your own ripple effect.

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the ripple effect

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