One Size Does Not Fit All

Programs targeted at particular employee or member groups can be more effective than a broad brush mentoring program offered to everyone.

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Every client achieved at least 80% satisfaction rates from their participants

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No matter what your organisational goal, there is undoubtedly a mentoring solution available. At Art of Mentoring, our expertise lies in assisting organisations in creating customised mentoring programs that meet your organisational requirements.

Mentoring programs that are poorly designed and implemented are bound to be unsuccessful. With our team of experts boasting over 20 years of experience in a wide range of industries, we possess the knowledge of what truly works.

Types of Mentoring Programs

Mentoring Types

  • 1:1 mentoring, otherwise known as traditional mentoring, is one of the most effective methods of matching mentors and mentees. The Art of Mentoring takes this type of mentoring to its fullest capacity to create transformation

  • Match peers to create cross collaboration and support mechanisms, especially for those in senior positions

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  • Allow for your participants to choose other participants that they would like to work with, empowering them as a part of the matching process and saving time. Partner preferences are particularly relevant for fast, technical knowledge transfer

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  • Enable the mentoring software to allow for mentors and mentees to access the program at any time and match themselves

  • Match multiple mentees/peers together in a group, based on specific criteria that makes it an effective group. Add a mentor, or two, and even choose a chair for the group

  • Art of Mentoring  has supported many virtual or eMentoring programs and can deliver virtual mentoring programs with bespoke resources, mentoring software and  online training for your mentors and mentees

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  • Instil ethical decision making at all levels and in particular at the leadership levels to then ripple outward into the organisation

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Program Types

  • Built upon the proven foundation of our Art of Mentoring Programs, we have developed a tailored solution that specifically addresses the need to support women to reach their full potential.

    Mentoring can provide a safe haven for growth and enable cross-gender collaboration and learnings.

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  • During the 2020 pandemic, we saw a huge rise in Reciprocal Mentoring – where traditional mentoring pairs flipped roles and mentors discovered they were receiving mentorship from their mentees.

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  • Diversity & Inclusion initiatives are commonplace in organisations today, as they strive to harness the talents of an increasingly diverse workforce.

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  • Support talent with a mentoring program to help them achieve greatness and ensure they are retained for future leadership positions

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  • Enable your leadership to break down silos, broaden perspectives, build confidence and help the organisation achieve its goals. Support your middle management to step into senior leadership, therefore increasing their satisfaction. It’s a great way to create succession planning!

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  • Art of Mentoring are experts in delivering tailored mentoring programs to support graduates on the next stage in their development. We support organisations to meet the goals of their people, and the organisation.

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  • Art of Mentoring partners with Supply Nation provider Warrgambi to help provide Indigenous Mentoring Programs with the cultural support they need and have helped implement many First Nations mentoring programs for membership organisations and First Nation led organisations.

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“Reverse mentoring is said to foster improved intergenerational relationships, enhance diversity initiatives, drive innovation and engage millennials.”

Turning Mentoring On It’s Head
Reverse and Reciprocal Mentoring



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