Mentoring Program Readiness Self-Assessment

Instructions: Choose the most accurate response to each statement. Then click the Am I Ready? button.
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Program Design Evaluation
1 Do you have a well-defined mentoring program purpose and objectives?
2 Are there scheduled dates already specifically aligned to the program?
3 Are you aware of other mentoring programs that exist in your industry or profession?
4 Do you have clear criteria on how to select and match mentors with mentees?
5 Does your program align with the ISMPE guidelines
6 Do you know how much it will cost to run your program and have you considered all options for how to fund it (budget allocation, sponsorship, participation fees, etc.)?
7 Do you have the support of all key stakeholders (CEO, Manager, Board, etc.)?
Implementation Readiness
8 Do you have access to professional training for the mentors and mentees in the program?
9 Do you have professional support materials?
10 Have you considered who will administer the program?
11 Have you spent some time looking at Online Mentoring platforms for streamlining administration processes?
12 Do you have a clear set of policy guidelines on issues such as confidentiality and a code of conduct?
13 Is your marketing and recruitment plan well defined?
14 Have you planned communications to keep participants engaged?
ROI Tracking and Program Evaluation
15 Does your program have effective ways to track participant engagement and satisfaction?
16 Are you measuring Return on Investment (ROI) (e.g. membership retention/recruitment vs participation)?
17 Have you planned how to evaluate the program's success and improve for the next cohort?
18 Have you considered how to direct participants to your other events/programs/initiatives?

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