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  • Feature-packed, purpose built mentoring software  
  • Mentor, Mentee and Program Manager training completed by over 100,000 people globally 
  • Robust library of resources created by experts to support participants 
  • Built with accessibility and security in mind – WCAG 2.1AA and GDPR compliant 


Powerful features

Our platform supports you to design, implement, manage and evaluate your mentoring program with ease. Discover some of our most popular features.

  • The task of matching just got even easier. A new look side-by-side view of mentor and mentee questions, mean questions can be coupled and decoupled with ease.  

  • Reporting and cohort creation is a breeze with enhanced filtering and rule creation capabilities.  

  • Sleek upgrades to our Knowledge Base mean it’s now easier than ever for program champions and participants to navigate and find the support they’re looking for.  

  • Choose between hosting your program in either Australia or the United States. Talk to our team to learn more.

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  • Visually represent timing of key activities in the program in a linear format, including milestones, events and expected actions of mentors & mentees. Key dates can be linked to trigger communications, surveys, and more.  

  • Proudly WCAG 2.1 AAA and GDPR complaint, in line with industry benchmarks and standards to ensure the platform is fully secure. 

  • Ready to get more done in less time? Our platform is faster than ever before, providing speed and responsiveness to process a large volume of queries. 

  • Customise the role alias for your participants with the new switchable aliases feature. Unlock the power of the Art of Mentoring platform for internal coaching, peer/buddy programs and more.  

  • Redesigned dashboards with enhanced filtering capabilities and reporting options allow for a richer data experience and offer aesthetically appealing reports to track program health and organisational progress. 

  • User interface enhancements deliver tailored or templated automation options and easy navigation of the system, making it simple to give participants a ‘nudge’ when required. Participants will love the ease of communicating seamlessly with their matches within the platform. 

  • Participants can access the platform in their local language with our new multilingual feature offering an enriching experience for all participants.  

  • Offering a fully customisable dashboard, single sign-on and integrations with Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Skype, our platform will seamlessly complement your organisation’s tech stack. 

  • From fundamental training, to advanced mentoring techniques training with a range of new add-on courses, our suite of options ensure your team are well-equipped to embark on their mentoring journey.

    Mentoring Training

Mentoring Software Plans and Inclusions

Our Mentoring Plans

Mentoring on Demand

Always on, automated.


We provide tools, you drive the program.


High touch where we manage the program and platform for you.

Platinum Flexi

Budget friendly and we drive the program and platform for you.

Pairs Included N/A 20 pairs 20 pairs 100 pairs
User limit Tiered active users Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Matching Type Self-match Admin / Preference Admin Admin
Matching Algorithm Yes Yes Yes Yes
Automated Communications/Nudges Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Smart Surveys Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Mentoring Cloud Software Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mentor/Mentee Application Templates Yes Yes Yes Yes
Integrations (Zoom/Teams) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Advanced reporting Yes Yes Yes Yes
Events module X Optional Yes Yes
Presentation Kits for Mentoring Events X Yes Yes Yes
Multimedia Mentor & Mentee Training Yes Yes Yes Yes
Articles, tips and Tools Mentors & Mentees Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hosted Program Webinars X Optional Live Live/Prerecorded
Dedicated Program Management Automated DIY Yes – High Touch Yes – Budget Friendly
Program Manager Training, Guides and Templates X Yes NA NA
Dedicated Support Online only Unlimited Direct Access Unlimited Direct Access Unlimited Direct Access
Satisfaction Rates of Matched Pairs 70% + 80% + 90% + 85% +
Single Sign On Optional Optional Optional Optional

Mentoring Programs

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Mentoring Programs

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Mentoring Programs


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“Art of Mentoring came highly recommended to us and they have certainly lived up to their recommendation. The level of customer service and support has been exceptional. The resources available to the mentors and mentees are excellent and the feedback from the participants has been very positive.”

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