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Minimum art of mentoring benchmark

Every client achieved at least 80% satisfaction rates from their participants

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Mentoring Types

  • 1:1 mentoring, otherwise known as traditional mentoring, is one of the most effective methods of matching mentors and mentees. The Art of Mentoring takes this type of mentoring to its fullest capacity to create transformation

  • Match peers to create cross collaboration and support mechanisms, especially for those in senior positions

  • Allow for your participants to choose other participants that they would like to work with, empowering them as a part of the matching process and saving time. Partner preferences are particularly relevant for fast, technical knowledge transfer

  • Enable the mentoring software to allow for mentors and mentees to access the program at any time and match themselves

  • Match multiple mentees/peers together in a group, based on specific criteria that makes it an effective group. Add a mentor, or two, and even choose a chair for the group

Strategic Mentoring

  • Support talent with a mentoring program to help them achieve greatness and ensure they are retained for future leadership positions

  • Create a diverse workforce whether that’s for more gender parity, multicultural participation, indigenous programs or equal opportunities across all staff

  • Support your middle management who may not all be ready to step into senior leadership, therefore increasing their satisfaction. It’s a great way to create succession planning and to retain those who don’t yet step up a level

  • Enable your leadership to break down silos, broaden perspectives, build confidence and help the organisation achieve its goals with mentoring support

  • Instil ethical decision making at all levels and in particular at the leadership levels to then ripple outward into the organisation

  • Support mentees in their projects or research with mentoring to navigate the process and get the necessary guidance to achieve their goals

Quick overview of our mentoring software and it’s world class content inclusions

  • Extensive library of pdf and other resources
  • eLearning for mentors and mentees
  • Template applications, surveys and communication plans
  • Program manager formal mentoring methodology training
  •  WCAG accessibility compliance 2.1 AA standard

Powerful features

Art of Mentoring platform: Easily design, implement, manage and evaluate your expertly executed mentoring programs with innovative features and tried and tested resources.

  • Match your mentors and mentees quickly and accurately based on their profile information, with our automated but flexible matching algorithm

  • Customise your application form to capture exactly the information you need for data integrity and segmentation

  • Survey feature helps gauge program health and create data visualisation reports to track organisational success measures

  • Scheduled and custom emails keep your program top of mind and nudge participants to maintain their engagement

  • Top quality training and resources available for mentors, mentees and program managers that are easily embedded into program structure

  • Create reports straight from the platform to provide insightful data and metrics on program outcomes

  • Manage your program events straight from the platform to track engagement from one place and save time

  • Single Sign On and various other integrations for your program to plug neatly into your existing technology stack

  • Mobile responsive and included functionality that means the program can be accessed from anywhere

  • GDPR compliant and adheres to security measures that will make your IT team smile

Mentoring Software Plans and Inclusions

Our Mentoring Plans

Mentoring on Demand

Always on, automated.


We provide tools, you drive the program.


High touch where we manage the program and platform for you.

Platinum Flexi

Budget friendly and we drive the program and platform for you.

Pairs Included N/A 20 pairs 20 pairs 100 pairs
User limit Tiered active users Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Matching Type Self-match Admin / Preference Admin Admin
Matching Algorithm Yes Yes Yes Yes
Automated Communications/Nudges Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Smart Surveys Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Mentoring Cloud Software Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mentor/Mentee Application Templates Yes Yes Yes Yes
Integrations (Zoom/Teams) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Advanced reporting Yes Yes Yes Yes
Events module X Optional Yes Yes
Presentation Kits for Mentoring Events X Yes Yes Yes
Multimedia Mentor & Mentee Training Yes Yes Yes Yes
Articles, tips and Tools Mentors & Mentees Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hosted Program Webinars X Optional Live Live/Prerecorded
Dedicated Program Management Automated DIY Yes – High Touch Yes – Budget Friendly
Program Manager Training, Guides and Templates X Yes NA NA
Dedicated Support Online only Unlimited Direct Access Unlimited Direct Access Unlimited Direct Access
Satisfaction Rates of Matched Pairs 70% + 80% + 90% + 85% +
Single Sign On Optional Optional Optional Optional

How To Start a Program With Our Mentoring Software


Quick and easy setup

Our mentoring software is a cloud based application and is ready to deploy quickly. Your custom program is prebuilt with resources, landing pages, profile applications, surveys etc, so you simply modify the content to match your program objectives and company style guide, no technical experience required.


5-Star Customer Service from Day 1 Until Program Close

Upon sign up you will be assigned one of our mentoring Client Success Managers who live and breathe mentoring. They will assist you in the setup, design considerations and implementation of your program from training through to actual implementation. You get full access to your Success Manager by phone, email or online forms for the duration of your program.


Open Application

Quickly and easily open applications after customising your application forms to suit your needs and setting match criteria to feed the algorithm. Beautiful and customisable Landing Pages are available to help recruit the mentors and mentees with a user friendly application experience.


Expert Program Delivery

Our expansive library of resources includes templated Powerpoint event presentations, PDF's, Word docs and videos to implement your program expertly. You can automate the delivery of these items by scheduling communications to nudge or drip feed content and deploy training digitally. Our methodologies are evidence based and get results every time!


Training for Program Managers

In preparation for program managers to get the best results, we set a minimum benchmark of 80% satisfaction rates, there is training on how to drive the software but we also provide eLearning training for program managers. This includes up to 13 hours of training on how to design, implement, manage and evaluate mentoring programs according to our methodologies and the International Standards for Mentoring and Coaching programs.

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Training for Mentors and Mentees

2 in 3 mentoring relations fail without training the mentors or mentees but training can be difficult to roll out across expanded geographies or at scale. That's why we developed our powerful online training for mentors and mentees that is video based, demonstrating mentoring done by professionals in highly engaging and well produced multimedia format.


Evaluate, Report and Tweak for round 2, 3, 4...

Easily schedule your customisable surveys to deploy at key milestones of the program. Easily follow up on anyone who hasn't responded and robust reporting helps to graphically capture the program's overall success in delivering it's objectives.


“Art of Mentoring came highly recommended to us and they have certainly lived up to their recommendation. The level of customer service and support has been exceptional. The resources available to the mentors and mentees are excellent and the feedback from the participants has been very positive.”

Mentoring Program Coordinator

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