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World class, evidence based online mentoring training developed by subject matter experts to support your team on their mentoring journey.

Completed by over 100,000 people

Delivered by mentoring experts with decades of experience.

How Mentoring Training Works

“When mentoring relationships form without quality training, only one in three will likely succeed.”

Professor David Clutterbuck


Quality training is critical in equipping mentors and mentees with the skills they needs to maximise mentoring opportunities. Art of Mentoring training products are delivered as video based, online training modules. The content demonstrates real-life mentors and mentees in conversation and the techniques that professional mentors use to get the most out of mentoring conversations.

For mentees, they learn how to drive and take responsibility for the relationship. For mentors, the content delves into listening and questioning techniques to challenge the mentee to think laterally and consider new options. In addition to the training material, an extensive library of resources for mentors and mentees are provided to offer insights from mentoring thought-leaders.

For Mentors and MenteesFundamental Online Training

Prepare your organisation with the training your people need to create effective mentoring relationships. We understand what it takes to add value to a mentoring relationship - as a mentor or mentee. Our training provides learning and development outcomes to equip your team with the skills to participate confidently and create meaningful mentoring relationships.

  • Completed by over 100,000 people globally, our content is underpinned by research based theory and delivered by highly trained mentoring experts with over 20 years’ experience.

  • We offer bespoke cross gender mentoring content options, closed caption functionality and WCAG 2.1 AA compliant downloads.

  • Content tailored to your organisational needs including branding and language requirements, or industry specific content. Customisation means your brand will shine within your mentoring program communication.

  • Mentoring training developed and delivered by our team of experienced mentoring experts. Research and evidence-based theory and techniques underpin the foundation of our content. Includes video demonstrations of effective mentoring conversations.

  • A vast array of resources available for mentors and mentees which are embedded into the training.

  • Our training is tailored specifically to mentors, mentees and program managers to upskill participants in their specific role.

  • Digital delivery means cost effective solutions for a geographically dispersed audience. Complete our mentoring training from anywhere at a time that suits your team.

  • Online mentoring training courses for both the mentor and mentee to skill them in their unique roles. Training both mentor and mentee ensures that expectations are aligned.

  • Media production that meets quality standards, including professional footage, voice-overs and custom animation.

  • GDPR compliant and adheres to security measures that will make your IT team smile.

Advanced Training for MentorsMentoring Tools and Techniques

This four module, 60-75 minute course covers tools and techniques that mentors can use to build their mentoring expertise and impact, moving towards mastery. Part of the Advanced Series for Mentors, this course complements the Online Training for Mentors course, which is recommended for completion before commencing the advanced series.

The training program includes engaging course modules that offer interactive tasks for you to complete. You’ll have access to video demonstrations featuring mentors and mentees engaging in real-life conversations. Additionally, there are downloadable resources available to provide guidance throughout your mentoring journey.

“I have finished the online training. I just want to say how useful it really was. I now understand much more how to get the most out of this experience and the value of preparation.”

Online Training Participant

Companies achieving success with the Art of Mentoring

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