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Effective training plays a crucial role in providing mentors, mentees and mentoring program mangers with the necessary skills to optimize their mentoring experiences. The training offerings by Art of Mentoring consist of online modules presented through video-based content. These modules showcase authentic conversations between mentors and mentees, highlighting the strategies employed by seasoned mentors to enhance the effectiveness of their mentoring dialogues.

Through this training, mentees acquire knowledge on how to proactively drive the mentoring relationship and assume responsibility for its progress. For mentors, the training material explores various techniques such as active listening and impactful questioning, enabling them to challenge mentees to think critically and explore new perspectives. Additionally, alongside the training modules, an extensive library of resources curated from mentoring experts is provided, equipping mentors and mentees with valuable insights and guidance.

Online TrainingTools for Success

By investing in extensive training for your mentors and mentees, you can elevate the effectiveness of your mentoring program to unprecedented levels. Prepare your organisation by providing the necessary training to empower your employees in establishing impactful mentoring relationships. We possess a deep understanding of the elements that contribute to the success of mentorship, whether one assumes the role of a mentor, mentee or mentoring program manager. Our training program focuses on delivering valuable learning and development outcomes, enabling your team to engage with confidence and cultivate meaningful mentoring connections.

  • Completed by over 100,000 people globally, our content is underpinned by research based theory and delivered by highly trained mentoring experts with over 20 years’ experience.

  • We offer bespoke cross gender mentoring content options, closed caption functionality and WCAG 2.1 AA compliant downloads.

  • Content tailored to your organisational needs including branding and language requirements, or industry specific content. Customisation means your brand will shine within your mentoring program communication.

  • Mentoring training developed and delivered by our team of experienced mentoring experts. Research and evidence-based theory and techniques underpin the foundation of our content. Includes video demonstrations of effective mentoring conversations.

  • A vast array of resources available for mentors and mentees which are embedded into the training.

  • Our training is tailored specifically to mentors, mentees and program managers to upskill participants in their specific role.

  • Digital delivery means cost effective solutions for a geographically dispersed audience. Complete our mentoring training from anywhere at a time that suits your team.

  • Online mentoring training courses for both the mentor and mentee to skill them in their unique roles. Training both mentor and mentee ensures that expectations are aligned.

  • Media production that meets quality standards, including professional footage, voice-overs and custom animation.

  • GDPR compliant and adheres to security measures that will make your IT team smile.

Training Options

The Fundamental Training for Mentors and Mentees lays the groundwork of essential knowledge required for all subsequent training courses. The Add-On Courses complement the fundamental training, enriching its effectiveness and outcomes.

Introduction to Mentoring

This 35-40 minute course is a short introduction to the concepts, practice and skills of mentoring.

Fundamental Training for Mentors and Mentees

Prepare your organisation with the training your people need to create effective mentoring relationships.

Mentoring Women - Add On Course

Learn the art of mentoring women and how to confidently work through mentoring issues specific to them. A must for men and women who mentor females.

Reverse Mentoring - Add On Course

A practical guide to reverse mentoring, in which a more junior person mentors someone more senior. Suitable for both mentors and mentees.

Reciprocal Mentoring - Add On Course

A practical guide to reciprocal mentoring, in which each party is both mentor and mentee to the other. Suitable for both mentors and mentees.

Group Mentoring - Add On Course


This course prepares mentors and mentees in mentoring groups, or mentoring ‘circles’, for their group experience.

Advanced Training

Our Advanced Training for Mentors is designed to complement the Fundamental Training and equips mentors with additional tools and techniques to enhance their mentoring expertise and impact. Although the training can be purchased independently, we highly recommend completing the Fundamentals Training first.

Mentoring Tools and Techniques for Mentors

Mentors, take your knowledge to the next level! Build your mentoring expertise and impact, moving towards mentoring mastery.

Program Manager Training

We have formulated a three-part Mentoring Program Manager Training (MPMT) certification foundation program which combines eLearning and on-the-job workplace projects.


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