Meet Our Team of Mentoring Experts

Creating mentoring relationships that work to satisfy human connection and produce unexpectedly pleasing results for people and their organisations.

Strategic Mentoring Solutions That Deliver Results

Servicing over 26 countries, the team at Art of Mentoring are thought-leaders in mentoring program delivery and design. Our team of subject matter experts represent decades of mentoring experience and set the benchmark for client support to achieve success.

We combine evidence-based mentoring expertise with the latest technological innovations to enable companies, associations and government organisations to develop impactful, scalable and cost-effective mentoring programs.

We are a proud member of Coaching & Mentoring International (CMI), a global network of mentoring, coaching and developmental dialogue specialists, some of whom appear regularly as a part of our popular webinar series.

The Geese and Mentoring

The geese in the Art of Mentoring logo represent the mentor/mentee relationship. In the natural world:

  • The geese at the front of the flock improve the aerodynamics to make it easier for the followers to fly;
  • Geese at the back honk to encourage front geese to keep pushing forward;
  • They are constantly shifting position meaning the ‘Mentor’ could be leading from behind or in front, sometimes just flying alongside.

These habits embody the foundations of the Art of Mentoring brand and are embraced by our team in their daily practice.

Our Leadership Team

Alex Richardson

Chief Executive Officer | Founder

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Donella Roberts

General Manager, Australia

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Melissa Richardson

Head, Art of Mentoring Academy | Founder

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Prerna Sinha

Chief Technology Officer 

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Bree Kloda-Pavitt

Head of Marketing

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Our Sales Team

Laura Butler

Head of Sales, Australia

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Fraser Cameron

Senior Account Executive

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Kerrie Main

Senior Account Executive

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