Monthly Archives: November 2017

What is the conversation you need to have

What’s the conversation you need to have We all have conversations we avoid. We can wall these conversations off to the extent that we are not even aware we are avoiding them. In helping someone get to know themselves, a coach or mentor can encourage them to acknowledge and explore these conversations. Some of the […]

Mentoring is Not Just for “Top Talent”

Mentoring is Not Just for “Top Talent” Mentoring is increasingly recognised as a powerful tool for developing and retaining the leaders of tomorrow.  Very true and I applaud organisations for embracing mentoring and embedding it in their human resource management processes. I am less enthusiastic, however, when I see large organisations focus their mentoring programs […]

David Clutterbuck Interview: Best Practice

David Clutterbuck Interview for Radio National show Best Practice. During his last visit in Sydney, the world expert in mentoring Prof. David Clutterbuck lead a Mentoring Masterclass hosted by Art of Mentoring, attended many events industry related. He was also interviewed by Richard Aedy on his show Best Practice (Radio National – ABC Australia). In […]