Advanced Workshops for Mentors

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Male wearing glasses mentors and male and female employee who are smiling and listening to instruction.

Mentoring MasterclassFor Mentors

Completion of Art of Mentoring Online Training for Mentors (90 minutes).

Art of Mentoring Training Workshop for Mentors, or equivalent.

At least 3 months of mentoring experience.

Workshop Duration
4 Hours

Workshop Delivery
Workshops can be delivered both online and in-person, depending on the needs of your team.

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Mentoring Training Workshops


Workshop Overview

This interactive mentor training masterclass is for mentors who are ready to go beyond the basic skills of developmental mentoring. The half-day intensive event covers the latest mentoring theories and provides an opportunity to try out new tools and techniques. The workshop is highly interactive, with breakout room discussions and exercises.

There are three main elements:

1. Introduction and exploration of latest theories and practice in managing the learning conversation, setting and pursuing goals, listening, mindfulness, and crafting powerful questions.

2. Sharing of tools and techniques based around issues participants have encountered in their own practice – and opportunities to try these out.

3. Creation of a personal development plan as a mentor.

Topics Covered

  • Overview of mentoring as a learning conversation
  • Mentoring basics review
  • Mentoring mastery
  • Mentoring maturity model
  • The mindset of the masterful mentor
  • Being present & mindfulness
  • The science of empathy, emotional resonance
  • How to manage your own inner state
  • Techniques and tools
  • Sharing techniques already being used
  • 4-7 new tools/techniques and practice

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