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The 3 Best Ways to Build Trust for Mentors

The three best ways for mentors to build trust… and you might not like it! Trust between mentor and mentee is said to be the cornerstone of an effective mentoring relationship. It can take time and sometimes a little effort to build trust and rapport, but it’s worth the trouble. The very nature of the […]

The Coach-AI Partnership 

The Coach-AI Partnership  If coaches are to benefit from the rise of Artificial Intelligence, then they will need to embrace the new technology and integrate it with their practice. But what does that mean?  The coach-AI partnership fulfills several functions:   It provides real-time information about what is going on in the conversation, in the client […]

How Mentoring Can Facilitate Mergers 

How mentoring can facilitate mergers   The immediate aftermath of a merger poses a number of major challenges. While many of these challenges relate to integration of systems and structures, the people challenges are often the most difficult and long lasting. In particular:  Ensuring that senior level talent does not leave. Headhunters target merger situations, because the uncertainty causes people to […]

Five ways to solve mentoring engagement issues and why

Five ways mentoring solves most engagement issues (and why it matters) Organisations spend a great deal of money on turnover-related expenses each year. Many also invest heavily in engagement surveys, in an effort to predict where they’re vulnerable to low productivity and loss of key talent. Engagement has been found to contribute to a raft […]

Coaching and Mentoring—Same, Similar or Different?

Coaching and Mentoring—Same, Similar or Different? I always smile when I hear people trying to explain the difference between coaching and mentoring.  Particularly when coaches try to describe mentoring and vice versa. Each tends to think their own discipline is somehow better than the other. Bob Garvey, one of Europe’s leading coaching and mentoring academic practitioners, compares the pursuit of truth for the two terms to the Pepsi–Coca Cola wars of the 1970s and 1980s.1 Is there […]

Cross Gender report

  SPOTLIGHT ON Cross Gender Relations in a Post #MeToo World Does #MeToo Mean the End of Mentoring for Women? After #MeToo exploded on the world stage, we took the opportunity to survey over 600 people to understand the flow-on effect on interpersonal workplace relationships, how this has impacted cross-gender mentoring, and more specifically the […]

Mentoring in a Post #MeToo World

This webinar presents our research on cross-gender relations, the fears and barriers men and women face, and how to foster effective mentoring between the genders.

The Art of Opening Doors for Women

Brad Johnson PhD, author of Athena Rising, joins Art of Mentoring’s Melissa Richardson to discuss why women need “doors opened”, our research findings on how men have reacted to the impacts of #MeToo and what that means for women and mentoring.