Mackay Council Mentoring Program

Case Study – Mackay Regional Council

Mackay Regional Council Strengthening leadership capability and building networks   When Alexandra Dobbins, Organisational Development Specialist for Mackay Regional Council, was tasked with supporting the regional and MRC strategies to…

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ethical mentor

How ethical mentoring can make a difference

Ethical mentoring can manage reputational risk It seems every day, there is another story of organisations, which were once respected, betraying the trust of their stakeholders. The scenes at Fifa (pronounced Thiefa), when staff applauded the boss,…

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Mentor listening to Mentee

I’m a Mentor, Now What?

I'm a Mentor, Now What? In our work with thousands of mentors, we typically see three different reactions to taking on the role of mentor inside an organisation or membership body (gender irrelevant; names are used just to describe the personae):…

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Group of business people laughing

Humour in Mentoring

Finding the Funny Side of Mentoring When asked to describe the mentor or coach they would dread, learners typically refer at some point to the person without a sense of humour. Not surprisingly, mentors and coaches have similar feelings about trying…

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Image of stairs leading somewhere as a representation of employee-led mentoring

Employee-Led Mentoring

How to Support Employee-Led Mentoring Programmes One of the biggest barriers to widespread use of mentoring in organisations is HR time and focus. Lean HR teams in many companies have a wide range of urgent tasks and projects that tend to take…

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