The Study

The University of Sydney believes that mentorship provides the opportunity for cross-university cooperation, collaboration and shared learning, creating an enriched work experience for staff and students. In 2015, the university embarked on developing a suite of tools, resources and information focused on developing mentorship capability, a shared understanding and common language. Having been referred from AHRI, The University of Sydney approached Art of Mentoring to access our Design Kit, Training Kit and eLearning modules. These resources now contribute to the customised self-serve portal that can be accessed by individuals or groups who wish to introduce mentoring into their work areas. We continue to support their efforts by providing training for local program managers.

This is a sensible approach to building internal mentoring capability. The University of Sydney is creating a common language and shared understanding of mentoring across the institution through enabling mentoring programs to be owned, designed and delivered at a local level. This develops engagement and commitment amongst participants and the people who will manage the programs within the local work areas.

Art of Mentoring can help any organization launch, run or evaluate a mentoring program. For more information please contact us.