Recording: Engaging Tomorrow’s Government Leaders Through Mentoring

Program Case Study: NSW Department of Planning and Environment Mentoring Program

Join Art of Mentoring’s Senior Program Designer, Gina Meibusch as she takes a closer look into the NSW Department of Planning and Environment’s Mentoring Program. Michael Rolik is the Sponsor of the programs and is also an active mentor; Michael and Gina will discuss the ways that mentoring is a key contributor to the department’s people and culture strategy, including the Women in Senior Leadership (WiSL) program that supports emerging female leaders. Past WiSL Program participants Kerrie Gregory (Mentee) and Briony Foster (her Mentor) join Gina to share their experiences with the program and how it shaped their careers.

When Kerrie Gregory applied to the 2020 Women in Senior Leadership Mentoring Program (NSW Dept of Planning and Environment), she hoped to progress some long held goals and gain focus that she’d not been able to achieve in previous mentoring relationships. Kerrie had no idea how significant an impact her relationship with her mentor Briony Foster would have, giving her an opportunity to grow in ways that she had not anticipated.

Briony experienced her own gains as well, and has continued to mentor in the program in the years since. Briony is strong advocate for mentoring as a unique and powerful process for drawing out the best in emerging government leaders, and we look forward to hearing from Kerrie and Briony about their journey together in the formal mentoring program, and about what has happened since.

In this webinar you will learn:
– How to identify emerging government leaders who will thrive on being mentored
– What a successful public service mentoring relationship looks like
– Ways to support a government mentoring partnership, to get the most for the mentee and the mentor
– The longer-term benefits for senior and emerging government leaders of mentoring and being mentored

Presented by:
Gina Meibusch, Senior Program Designer, Art of Mentoring


Program Sponsor: Michael Rolik (Director of Inclusion and Talent Development, NSW Department of Planning and Environment)
Mentor: Briony Foster (Executive Director at Department of Communities and Justice)
Mentee: Kerrie Gregory (Manager Work Health and Safety at NSW Land and Housing Corporation)



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