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Every client achieved at least 80% satisfaction rates from their participants

What is aKickstart Strategy Session?

Designed for organisations looking to take the next step towards a strategic mentoring program, the Kickstart Strategy Session (KSS) aims to align all key stakeholders regarding the program's purpose, establish a broad consensus on the program's nature, and create a concise report that communicates the decisions made and outlines how the program's return on investment will be measured.


  • 60-90 minute teleconference connecting your key stakeholders with program designers
  • Extensive report provides a roadmap for mentoring program regardless of whether or not you sign up

What we cover

  • GET CLEAR: Gain clarity about program objectives
  • GET GOING: Form a preliminary road map for program success
  • Identify obstacles & risks and outline ways around them
  • Understand investment options and internal resource requirements
  • Explore ways to measure program success and ROI


Companies achieving success with the Art of Mentoring

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