Recording: Mentoring in a Modern Context


There are some people that are seemingly gifted with natural mentoring abilities however there is an underlying ‘art of mentoring’ that is not an easily obtained capability and is likely a skill that the best mentors are aware that they are ever evolving and mastering.

In different contexts for example their style or approach must shift or adapt to the environment which the best mentors can identify as a relationship becomes further established, moving into new phases of the relationship.

In this webinar, Centre for Mentoring Excellence CEO and leadership expert Lisa Fain draws on mentoring examples from her new book, The Mentor’s Guide, co-authored with her mother, mentoring expert Dr. Lois Zachary.  Lisa is a global speaker, and an expert in the intersection of cultural competency and mentoring. Her passion for diversity and inclusion fuels her strong conviction, that leveraging differences creates a better workplace and drives better business results.

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Melissa Richardson, Founder, Art of Mentoring Academy
Lisa Z. Fain, CEO, Center for Mentoring Excellence



A guide to unleashing the hidden value in your organisation through high impact strategic mentoring programs.

Most human beings and organisations have one thing in common – they both want to do better. But it’s hard for one to achieve without the other. When you can harness both you can achieve great things.

Unfortunately, most organisational structures are hierarchical, which may aid efficiency but not necessarily “real” human interaction.

Solving the human equation is the cornerstone of great culture and the larger and more diverse the workforce, the more challenging it becomes, even before we factor in things like location, technology and pay rates.

Well designed and managed mentoring programs can have a dramatic impact on workplace culture and people engagement. A strategic mentoring program transcends hierarchy, creating relationships and interactions to build individual and hence organisational value.

In this guide we present you with proven practical insights on how to design, build, implement and automate a high influence mentoring program and create your own ripple effect.

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