Mentoring Program Manager's Training

Learn to build and manage effective mentoring programs like the experts

Mentoring Program Management requires expert knowledge and understanding of what makes mentoring programs effective. If you have all the right skills and attributes for the job and are seeking mentoring program experience, we can train you to expertly design and set up a program, then handle the administrative and pastoral care functions.

Who is This Program For:

Current mentoring program managers and people interested in setting up a new mentoring program for employees, members or students in their organisation.

What You will Learn


Identify the essential considerations, design variables and planning questions for each of the seven key steps to implement a mentoring program


Identify responsibilities, activities and key success factors of mentoring program implementation and management


Recognize and locate the resources, tools and materials that are available to support Mentoring Program Managers

Download Complete Course Outline

A step-by-step guide of your learning journey with Art of Mentoring Manager's Training



By the end of this certification program, participants should be able to complete a Workplace Project using the Art of Mentoring key stages, techniques and tools to design, set up, market and manage a successful mentoring program.


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Training for Mentors &Mentees

The eLearning online courses prepare and support your Mentors and Mentees in their mentoring relationship. Provided inside the Professional and Platinum Plans or available for purchase separately.


Designed by Leading World Experts

Art of Mentoring staff have designed and implemented mentoring programs for organisations for more than twenty years. Art of Mentoring was created by our mentoring expert, Melissa Richardson, with course adviser Professor David Clutterbuck, a world-renowned researcher, author and consultant on mentoring and coaching. The people who appear in our videos are experienced mentors or mentees and demonstrations of mentoring conversations use real mentoring scenarios.

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