Online Training and Support for Mentors and Mentees

An online multi-media course for training and support of people in mentoring relationships.

Our online training is suitable for organisations
who want to:

Improve the quality and effectiveness of mentoring relationships between their employees or members

Build the leadership capacity of their managers

Provide high-quality training and support at low cost

Online Training Course for
Mentors and Mentees

The eLearning online courses prepare and support your Mentors and Mentees in their mentoring relationship. Provided inside the Professional or Platinum Plans or available for purchase separately.


How It Works

Participants receive login details for Art of Mentoring from their organisation, valid for 12 months.

Once they login, the training takes the participants through 5 modules broken into short and engaging videos to display effective mentoring techniques.

*The training can be hosted on the Art of Mentoring Learning Management System (LMS), in our Mentoring Software or on a client's own LMS.

The training uses a combination of instruction, mentoring demonstrations, interviews with experienced mentors and mentees, reading materials, exercises and tools and forms to download.

50 Licences


100 Licences




Course Overview


About the course

Module 1

Introduction to mentoring

Module 2

Building and managing the
mentoring relationship

Module 3

Mentoring styles and skills

Module 4

The mentoring meeting

Module 5

Getting started and practical issues

Benefits of Training for Mentors and Mentees

Without training, only one in three mentoring relationships, on average, is effective.

Training mentors doubles the success rate. Training mentees as well, increases effectiveness even more again.

Training gives all participants the skills they need for an effective mentoring relationship, and ensures that expectations are aligned.

Designed by Leading World Experts

Art of Mentoring staff have designed and implemented mentoring programs for organizations for more than twenty years. Art of Mentoring was created by our mentoring expert, Melissa Richardson, with course adviser Prof. David Clutterbuck, a world-renowned researcher, author and consultant on mentoring and coaching. The people that appear in our videos are experienced mentors or mentees and demonstrations of mentoring conversations use real mentoring scenarios.


Training Kit

The resources to fully equip and support your mentors and mentees.


Design Kit

Everything needed to start or rekindle your mentoring program.


Program Manager’s Pack

Everything you’ll ever need for your mentoring program.


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