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Every client achieved at least 80% satisfaction rates from their participants

Mentoring ProgramsGet it right and the ripple effect can be enormous.

A well-designed and managed mentoring program in the workplace can solve many organisational challenges, from attracting and retaining the right staff through to empowering a workforce to achieve great things. This is particularly important in a rapidly changing, technology-driven environment involving multi-generational and diverse groups of people.

We know mentoring provides a platform for personal growth for both mentor and mentee. A strategic mentoring program transcends hierarchy, creating relationships and interactions to build individual and hence organisational value.

Those who embrace and implement well-designed mentoring programs in the workplace have the advantage of unleashing the often hidden and untapped value in their people.

“When used strategically, mentoring offers communication channels that cross the structural and restrictive boundaries of complex organisations. These developmental conversations meet some of our most human needs, while meeting organisational goals.”

The Ripple Effect


Organisations achieving success with the Art of Mentoring

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What are you looking for?

Not sure where to start? We have an extensive library of content about mentoring and its benefits.

  • We break mentoring programs down into seven stages.
    1. Pre-Evaluation & Research
    2. Getting Ready
    3. Design
    4. Recruiting
    5. Matching
    6. Training & Support
    7. Evaluation


  • Ready to start or need to reinvigorate an existing program?

    Our expert team can help you design a program for success or rapidly assess an existing program and identify actions that you can take to improve.


  • Have an existing program that you want to automate?

    We have our own state of the art mentoring software platform that has been designed to our proven mentoring methodology.


    • Attract and retain top talent
    • Support diversity goals
    • Increase productivity
    • Prepare future leaders
    • Increase workforce mobility
    • Help embed a service culture


    • Attract and retain top talent
    • Increase productivity
    • Build cross-silo collaboration
    • Prepare people for new roles
    • Build resilience in the face of disruptive change
    • Improve workplace culture


    • Attract young members
    • Build leadership in your industry/ profession
    • Member retention
    • Provide volunteering opportunity for experienced members
    • Help members thrive at career transition points
    • Support members through disruptive change


    • Insights from the front line
    • Mentoring resources and case studies
    • Webinars and videos
    • Mentoring tools and templates


“I have mentored quite a few people over the years. Usually, mentoring programs are lacking resources. For this program I’ve genuinely enjoyed the resources and how someone has really spent time thinking them through. I’ve actively used them with my mentee”

Program Mentor

7 Steps To Starting A Successful Mentoring Program

Human Resource leadership teams have had to contend with an increasingly challenging environment over the past 2 years. All while striving to improve workplace culture, attract and retain talent and provide professional development routes for employees at all levels of the organisation.

Well designed and managed mentoring programs can have a dramatic impact on workplace culture, people engagement and retention. A strategic mentoring program transcends hierarchy, creating relationships and interactions to build individual and hence organisational value.

Whilst starting a mentoring program isn’t rocket science, there’s certainly an art to it. Art of Mentoring have been perfecting this art for over 20 years.

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