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AHRI Testimonial

AHRI has partnered with Art of Mentoring for 4 years now. The platform is very user friendly and has the features needed for our program. The resources are highly professional and the team is extremely experienced and supportive.

Gartner Testimonial

They are experts in the area. Responsive to our concerns and keep us on track.

Law Society of NSW Testimonial

Art of Mentoring has a professional team, always trying to fit in our requirements to the overall products. They are there to work with us to get the best possible solution to benefit our programs and experience.

ACHG Testimonial

The quality of the educational resources is excellent. Highly valuable, designed by experts in the field.

DPIE Testimonial

As a manager of the mentoring program in the department, along with many other programs of work, this is very light touch for me in terms of the time and effort required from me.

Toyota Testimonial

We used the Art of Mentoring team twice at Toyota to design and deliver mentoring program. The first highly successful program was one for female managers. This time we are using mentoring to support the company and our people to make the transition out of local manufacturing. Art of Mentoring consultants are entirely managing the […]