Monthly Archives: May 2015

Case Study – Sydney University

THE UNIVERSITY OF SYDNEY The Study The University of Sydney believes that mentorship provides the opportunity for cross-university cooperation, collaboration and shared learning, creating an enriched work experience for staff and students. In 2015, the university embarked on developing a suite of tools, resources and information focused on developing mentorship capability, a shared understanding and […]

Case Study – Australian Veterinary Association

AUSTRALIAN VETERINARY ASSOCIATION The Study Following an extensive review, a nationally resourced mentoring program with local delivery in each state was recommended for roll-out in late 2015. A national Program Manager was brought on board to manage all program administration using an online mentoring program platform and to support the pairs in each region. Local […]

Mentoring Programs and Community

Mentoring Programs: The Importance of Community The word community comes from the Latin communis.  The prefix com means together or joint, and the suffix munis derives from munire which means to fortify or strengthen.  As the word itself says, community is all about gaining strength through shared activity and interests. The rapid spread of social […]

Case Study – NSW Law Society

THE LAW SOCIETY OF NEW SOUTH WALES The Study Art of Mentoring helped to re-launch the Law Society’s mentoring programs in 2014/15. There were two programs – one for their Young Lawyers group and one specifically for women. A Graduate program was added in 2016. Art of Mentoring supports the The Law Society of New […]

Top 5 Mistakes In Mentoring Program Design

We are often called in for help after a mentoring program has faltered. By then, relationships are either stuck or haven’t got off the ground, and expectations have not been met. Disappointment all round. Here are the top five mistakes we have observed: Poor planning and preparation Well-designed, successful mentoring programs usually involve key stakeholders […]