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The Benefits of Association Mentoring Programs

The Benefits of Association Mentoring Programs Most organisations innately understand that a structured mentoring program is a good idea. But some find it difficult to turn that intuition into an economically convincing business case. This article puts a finger on exactly why a structured mentoring program makes real business sense for associations. But first, what […]

Insight Report July 2015

We surveyed business leaders, consultants, and executives in professional associations on the topic of young member attraction and mentoring.

Case Study – Australian Human Resources Institute

Australian Human Resources Institute Mentoring for Affiliate and Professional Members   Business Challenge AHRI represents around 20,000 human resources and people management professionals across Australia. AHRI assists members expand their professional networks, stay in touch with the latest industry developments, and build on their HR leadership and management skills. As a professional association, AHRI looks […]

Virtual Mentoring

WHAT IS VIRTUAL MENTORING? “Virtual mentoring” simply refers to any mentoring activity that does not take place face-to-face. With today’s technology there is a suite of communication tools open to this style of mentoring, including Skype, telephone, email and messaging. When your workforce is widely dispersed, virtual mentoring can be your only option. If you […]

How To Be A Mentor

HOW TO BE A MENTOR A mentor can take many roles in the mentoring relationship: A guide A sounding board A challenger A supporter and encourager A confidante A career coach A networking facilitator A developmental mentor is most often not the mentee’s line manager, or someone who is in that person’s direct line. It […]

What is a mentorship?

MENTORSHIP Mentorship is a developmental relationship in which one person, usually more experienced or senior, takes time to assist the career, professional or personal development of someone else, who is known as a mentee, mentoree, or protégé. Mentoring is most often a one-on-one relationship but is sometimes done in groups. A mentoring relationship is one […]

Mentor : trusted friend, adviser, teacher and wise person

MENTOR The first reference to the word mentor we know of, appears in Greek mythology.  In Homer’s epic poem, The Odyssey, before King Odysseus went off to fight in the Trojan war, he left his friend Mentor in charge to watch over his son, Telemachus, and the affairs of his state. After several years away, […]

Peer Mentoring

WHAT IS PEER MENTORING? Peer mentoring is a relationship between people who are at the same career stage or age, in which one person has more experience than the other in a particular domain and can provide support as well as knowledge and skills transfer. Peer mentoring may be a one-on-one relationship or experienced in […]

How To Start A Mentoring Program

How To Start A Mentoring Program Let’s talk about how to set up a mentoring program. Mentoring programs need a little bit of love through every stage to keep them going. Too many of our clients leave out one of these steps, or do not do them well, and end up coming to us for […]

Definition of mentoring?

mentor: (noun) an experienced and trusted adviser. mentoring: (verb) advise and train someone. What is mentoring? Broadly speaking the Oxford Dictionary offers an adequate definition of mentoring. But in practice Australian organisations employ a broad spectrum of mentoring approaches. At one end of the spectrum are mentoring relationships that focus on the extensive experience of […]