Media Release: International Mentor and Mentee of the Year 2022

2022 saw thousands of Mentors and Mentees invited to nominate their mentoring partners for the prestigious Art of Mentoring International Mentor and Mentee of the Year Awards.

The applications were exceptional, and judging wasn’t easy, which is a sign of the quality of the programs and the commitment of the participants and sponsoring organisations.


2022 International Mentor of the Year

This year the award went to mentor Hema Patel,  who was able to bring very concrete experiences of her own into conversations with her mentee, Danielle Frisby, and allow Danielle a space to ask questions, check her assumptions and consider options. She introduced her mentee to a new network of contacts and a perspective on career development that Danielle feels will help her to continue to grow long after the formal program has completed.


2022 Mentor of the Year Winner:
Hema Patel, CA ANZ Mentor Exchange Program

Nominated by Danielle Frisby

“Hema has opened my eyes to new stages of opportunity and strength and I will be forever grateful for her guidance, wisdom and kindness. She was enthusiastic about helping me achieve my goals and provided valuable and honest feedback at all times. She was a safe space for me – I really hit the jackpot.”


2022 International Mentee of the Year

This year we awarded mentee, Karen Evans, mentee of the year because she made it very clear upfront to her Mentor, Marianne Di Giallonardo, that she was going to wring every drop out of their mentoring relationship, and she lived up to her word! Marianne described Karen’s organisation, preparedness and flexibility in the way she managed the mentoring process and took responsibility for her own learning. She owned it and achieved real outcomes in her current role and her journey to senior leadership.


2022 Mentee of the Year Winner:
Karen Evans, AHRI Mentoring Program

Nominated by Marianne Di Giallonardo


“Karen is/has been a delight to work with – from a very shy ‘not sure this is the best thing for me as I’ve never done it before’ to one of the most accomplished mentees I’ve worked with over the past 30 years. She is really kicking goals now and making a huge difference in the organisational development space for her organisation which is extremely resource constrained with many challenges ahead.”


Art of Mentoring recognises outstanding mentors and mentees across programs in organisations and associations, and awarded 25 Highly Commended Awards to outstanding mentors and mentees in the following programs in 2022.

Mentor Highly Commended Programs:

  • CA ANZ Mentor Exchange & Non Profit Board Experience Programs
  • AHRI Mentoring Program
  • CPA Australia ANZ Mentoring Program
  • Women Building Australia National Mentoring Program
  • AIPM Mentoring Program
  • APA Graduate Mentoring Program
  • Toyota Mentoring program
  • WIMnet NSW Mentoring Program

Mentee Highly Commended Programs:

  • CPA Australia ANZ Mentoring Program
  • AHRI Mentoring Program
  • AIPM Mentoring Program
  • CA ANZ Mentor Exchange Program
  • Women Building Australia National Mentoring Program
  • APA Graduate Mentoring Program
  • Toyota Mentoring program


View our winners announcement webinar


We would like to again acknowledge our winners for 2022, congratulations to Hema and Karen, what an incredible achievement.


© Gina Meibusch 2022


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