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Mentoring Program Evaluation

All well-designed programs are carefully evaluated. We can evaluate your current program and suggest improvements. If you don’t have participant surveys we can supply templates or survey your participants direct. For the gold standard, you can benchmark your program against the ISMPE standards and receive an accreditation. http://www.ismpe.com/

Mentoring Program Design

Want expert help and an external perspective on your program design? We can help.

Program design is the most crucial element to get right. Most failed programs relate back to poor design decisions or lack of support. We can work with your team to ensure the right stakeholders are consulted and that the design of your program meets your key business priorities.

Mentoring Program Business Plan Development

We can extend our program design service to writing an entire business plan for your mentoring program, complete with budgets and an implementation plan.

Program Event Management

We can help run your program events and training via webinar. Typically program events include the program launch, mid-program review and the closure event. We can also run training for your mentors and mentees via webinar technologies.

Train the Trainer

Upskill your staff or a panel of volunteers on how to conduct the mentor and mentee training. We take you through a mentoring master class including supplying resources, teaching presentation skills and covering all the key elements essential in mentor/mentee training.

Mentoring Program Admin

No resources to manage your program? Don’t worry – we often handle the entire program administration for our clients.

This includes:

  • Managing applications
  • Matching mentors and mentees
  • All communications – reminders about meetings and articles and tips

Following up on participant progress and troubleshooting relationships that are off track

ISMPE Program Accreditation

The International Standards for Mentoring Programs in Employment (ISMPE) are a set of principles upon which to base good mentoring program practice.

These standards were generated to fill a gap in the evaluation of mentoring programs, and were developed by engaging with an international pool of practitioners and academics in the mentoring field.

Six Core Standards have been identified including:

  • Clarity of Purpose
  • Stakeholder Training and Briefing
  • Processes for Selection and Matching
  • Processes for Measurement and Review
  • Maintains High Standards of Ethics and Pastoral Care
  • Administration and Support

All Art of Mentoring products and services are designed according to these standards, and we are regular contributors to their ongoing development. If you are interested in having us assess your mentoring program and having it accredited by ISMPE, contact us today.

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