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Mentoring – What’s In It For Me?

We are often asked the advantages of mentoring to the various stakeholders involved. Here we list the most common rewards that individuals reap from a mentoring program. BENEFITS FOR MENTEES Explore issues and concerns in a confidential and supportive relationship. Learn from the real life experiences of others. Align your own development to your company’s […]

Mentoring Programs and Community

Mentoring Programs: The Importance of Community The word community comes from the Latin communis.  The prefix com means together or joint, and the suffix munis derives from munire which means to fortify or strengthen.  As the word itself says, community is all about gaining strength through shared activity and interests. The rapid spread of social […]

Top 5 Mistakes In Mentoring Program Design

We are often called in for help after a mentoring program has faltered. By then, relationships are either stuck or haven’t got off the ground, and expectations have not been met. Disappointment all round. Here are the top five mistakes we have observed: Poor planning and preparation Well-designed, successful mentoring programs usually involve key stakeholders […]

Reverse Mentoring

WHAT IS IT? Also known as “upward mentoring”, reverse mentoring turns the traditional hierarchical approach to mentoring on its head. Rather than having a senior player take a less experienced player “under their wing”, reverse mentoring relationships place the more senior person as the primary learner and emphasise the experience of the junior person. The […]

Retaining Staff Through Mentoring

We know that retaining good staff is critical to company success. Keeping good people saves us the time and money needed to train or retrain new people. It keeps productivity levels humming. Perhaps most important it retains the credibility of our organisations, keeping customers and other key stakeholders confident in our ability to deliver. We […]

Choosing a Mentor

When looking for a mentor we tend to focus on finding someone who is in a high position and hope that their sponsorship will accelerate our career progress.Certainly finding someone with the relevant experience and influence can be important to a successful mentoring relationship. But not all experienced and influential people make good mentors, so […]