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Worried about your leadership bench strength?

Worried about your leadership bench strength? According to Gartner,1 building leadership bench strength is a major priority in 2019 for 67% of heads of human resources and 78% of talent management leaders globally. Yet most discussions about mentoring centre on the role of mentors in creating great leaders. If we turn it around, can mentoring […]

The Coach-AI Partnership 

The Coach-AI Partnership  If coaches are to benefit from the rise of Artificial Intelligence, then they will need to embrace the new technology and integrate it with their practice. But what does that mean?  The coach-AI partnership fulfills several functions:   It provides real-time information about what is going on in the conversation, in the client […]

How Mentoring Can Facilitate Mergers 

How mentoring can facilitate mergers   The immediate aftermath of a merger poses a number of major challenges. While many of these challenges relate to integration of systems and structures, the people challenges are often the most difficult and long lasting. In particular:  Ensuring that senior level talent does not leave. Headhunters target merger situations, because the uncertainty causes people to […]

Five ways to solve mentoring engagement issues and why

Five ways mentoring solves most engagement issues (and why it matters) Organisations spend a great deal of money on turnover-related expenses each year. Many also invest heavily in engagement surveys, in an effort to predict where they’re vulnerable to low productivity and loss of key talent. Engagement has been found to contribute to a raft […]

How ethical mentoring can make a difference

Ethical mentoring can manage reputational risk It seems every day, there is another story of organisations, which were once respected, betraying the trust of their stakeholders. The scenes at Fifa (pronounced Thiefa), when staff applauded the boss, who had presided over years of corrupt practice, may have seemed inexplicable. Yet they demonstrate just how easily […]

Millennial Mentoring

Millennial Mentoring. Rewarding relationships = retention. Growing the next generation of talented workers and business leaders is always a challenge, now perhaps more so than ever. What has become clear over the past few years is that the millennial generation (those people born between 1984 and 2012) has a markedly different outlook on work than […]

Getting value for money from your mentoring investment

Are you getting value for money on your investment in mentoring?  You’d expect most companies with established mentoring programs to give an unequivocal yes, but the reality is that most organisations don’t know. So here are some basic indicators to consider. Highly effective mentoring programs:  Deliver substantial learning for at least 95% of mentees and at least 80% […]

Fast Knowledge Transfer – FKT – is not Mentoring

Fast Knowledge Transfer – FKT – is not Mentoring In recent months, there has been a spate of articles and webinars extolling the virtues of “speed mentoring”, “flash mentoring” or similar means of fast knowledge transfer (FKT). We have also seen the rise of “Mentoring Lite” from major dot-com providers, providing rapid matching between people […]

What is the conversation you need to have

What’s the conversation you need to have We all have conversations we avoid. We can wall these conversations off to the extent that we are not even aware we are avoiding them. In helping someone get to know themselves, a coach or mentor can encourage them to acknowledge and explore these conversations. Some of the […]

Mentoring is Not Just for “Top Talent”

Mentoring is Not Just for “Top Talent” Mentoring is increasingly recognised as a powerful tool for developing and retaining the leaders of tomorrow.  Very true and I applaud organisations for embracing mentoring and embedding it in their human resource management processes. I am less enthusiastic, however, when I see large organisations focus their mentoring programs […]