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Men Mentoring Women: Can It Change the System?

Men Mentoring Women: Can It Change the System? Like many women (and men), I believe that ‘the system’ itself needs to change before the female half of our population will be appropriately represented in the echelons of power.  (By the system, I mean the ingrained habits, behaviours and rewards in place in most work environments […]

Working with SUIs – Significant Unresolved Issues

Working with SUIs – Significant Unresolved Issues The concept of SUIs – Significant Unresolved Issues arose from David Clutterbuck’s unpublished research in the 1990s on what issues mentees brought to their mentors for discussion. Participants in workshops were asked to write down and reflect upon all the issues, about which they felt a level of anxiety […]

When Mentoring Gets Emotional

When Mentoring Gets Emotional    It can feel pretty uncomfortable when a mentee bursts into tears or blows their top.  This wasn’t what you thought you signed up for, as a mentor!  However, a mentoring relationship is a human relationship and emotions will play a part whether that relationship is formal or casual, personal or career-focused. […]

Helping Your Coachee or Mentee Develop Resilience

Helping your coachee or mentee develop resilience In challenging working environments, resilience is increasingly an essential competence. People, who are resilient, are better able to cope with unexpected change, with setbacks and disappointments, with high stress environments and with periods of excessive workload. The signs of low resilience are generally easy to spot. They include […]

Are we failing our executives?

Are our executives failing us…or are we failing our executives? In this era of rapid change, organisations are reliant on their executives to make wise decisions and lead their teams judiciously through challenges. Yet, at precisely the time when wisdom is most needed, we are increasingly placing our trust in young, inexperienced leaders, hoping that […]

Youth Mentoring

Youth Mentoring Art of Mentoring was delighted when the NSW government announced the 2016 commencement of Youth Frontiers, a mentoring program including 1200 year 8 and 9 students from across NSW. While we have not been involved with the program, we are delighted to see the potential of mentoring acknowledged with such a high profile […]

Helping your coachee or mentee pitch an original idea

Helping your coachee or mentee pitch an original idea A common misconception in organisations is that it’s easy to sell a good idea. The reality, as detailed in the book Originals, by Adam Grant, is quite the opposite. Among the misconceptions his and other research identify are that: Good new ideas are generally welcomed. The […]

Responsibility for Success in a Mentoring Relationship

Who is Responsible for the Success of a Mentoring Relationship? Ultimately the success or failure of any mentoring relationship comes down to just one person, and it may not be the person you are expecting. It is easy to argue that with a mentoring relationship, like any other relationship, “it takes two to tango”.  The […]

The Three Legs of a Successful Mentoring Program

The Three Legs of a Successful Mentoring Program A lot has been written about the detailed processes for running a mentoring program, but we too rarely take a top-level view to understand the core elements required to ensure mentoring program success.  In our view, there are three essentials to successful mentoring and like a three-legged […]

How Associations Can Afford a Professional Mentoring Program

How Associations Can Afford a Professional Mentoring Program Associations are increasingly aware of the potential value of association-led mentoring programs. Current members find a reason to stay, and young industry entrants a reason to join. Leadership capabilities are cultivated within the association itself and the industry as a whole. Industry or association goals such as […]