The Art of Mentoring Women

A professional mentoring program plan that nurtures diversity and empowers all

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Why women?

We researched over 600 people regarding the implications of cross-gender relations in the workplace and found an alarming number were experiencing gender bias and insecurities around forming safe working relationships.

When more than half of the women in our survey state they lack confidence in their own abilities and sometimes feel they don’t belong… you have to act.

Professional Mentoring Program Plan Women's Edition

Built upon the proven foundation of our Art of Mentoring Programs, we have developed a tailored solution that specifically addresses the need to support women to reach their full potential in your organisation or community.

Our Professional Mentoring Program Plan—Women’s Edition supports this journey with:

>  bespoke online training with video demonstrations of how to mentor and engage women

>  a repository of resources tailored to help both genders work effectively on mentoring women

>  survey tools targeted to allow greater understanding of women’s needs and future cultural change management

>  easy-to-use plug-in software solution

>  algorithm-driven match compatibility that factors in key issues that women face.

Our Professional Plans include

Online Courses for Mentors and Mentees

Mentoring App with Scheduled Comms, Surveys, Matching Algorithm and Reporting

Training Kit

Design Kit

Expert Webinars


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Recruit and Match People

Online Training to ensure the mentoring program's success. Tracking in the platform to ensure engagement

Resources and great content to create a rich experience for the mentors and mentees

Evaluate with surveys


Our Mentoring Methodology

accessible to right people
effective mentor / mentee match
expectations aligned & roles clear
relationships supported

program applications & information

MONTH -2 TO -1

Marketing and call for applications. Workshop to educate potential applicants about the program.

matching process & training


Matching is done Training for mentors and mentees

Program launch


Program Launch Workshop outlining program information

program review


Quick check-in with participants Progress Review Workshop & evaluation about half-way through



Short Workshop to close program

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