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Mentoring in the Workplace 2022

The concept of mentoring is certainly not something new. In fact, the word originates from a character in Homer’s classic poem “The Odyssey,” which dates back to three millennia ago. But that doesn’t mean that the concept has been static. Traditional mentoring relationships have often formed naturally, with older people often passing along knowledge and […]

eBook: How To Choose The Right Mentoring Software

You’re ready to launch a mentoring program, or you have an existing program in place and are managing it with countless spreadsheets, emails and post-it notes. You know there has to be an easier way to implement this using the right technology! A solution that saves time and creates a more engaging experience for your […]

Case Study: Women Building Australia National Mentoring Program

The Women Building Australia National Mentoring Program is an initiative led by Master Builders’ Australia, which represents eight state and territory Master Builders’ Associations and 32,000 members nationwide. The program provides female newcomers to the industry with access to support, encouragement and advice from experienced individuals through a virtual or face-to-face mentoring relationship. In this […]

eBook: 7 Steps To Starting A Successful Mentoring Program

We have prepared this definitive 7 step guide to help you implement an impactful mentoring program that is unique to your organization’s needs. We will explore insights that we’ve gained over the past 20 years designing hundreds of programs, incorporating methodologies that align with International Standards for Mentoring and Coaching (ISMC).

Mentoring Program Business Plan Template

People come to us saying they want to implement a mentoring program, and whilst they know they will be asked to submit a business case in order to get approval, they just don’t know where to start. To make it easy for you to get internal support, we have created this Mentoring Program Business Plan […]

Benchmark Report 2020

RESEARCH REPORT: What mentees need, what mentors offer and benefits derived by both. Art of Mentoring’s 2020 research project was a benchmarking exercise across our mentoring platform to reveal what mentees want, what mentors think they can and want to offer and what both parties actually get from their mentoring relationship. We drew on anonymised […]

Cross Gender report

  SPOTLIGHT ON Cross Gender Relations in a Post #MeToo World Does #MeToo Mean the End of Mentoring for Women? After #MeToo exploded on the world stage, we took the opportunity to survey over 600 people to understand the flow-on effect on interpersonal workplace relationships, how this has impacted cross-gender mentoring, and more specifically the […]

Intergenerational Mentoring Research

RESEARCH REPORTBefore They Leave….Intergenerational Mentoring Research 2019More than two million Australian workers are Baby Boomers and strikingly all of them could retire within the next ten years. Are you prepared for their mass departure? Governments and employers are becoming increasingly aware this substantial departure of wisdom, experience and knowledge will have a major impact on […]

Business Case for Mentoring Programs in Organizations

BUSINESS CASEMentoring Programs in OrganisationsThere is a lot of rhetoric claiming “highly effective mentoring programs deliver substantial learning for over 95% of mentees and 80% of mentors”. But is there real evidence to support this and other outcomes for mentees, mentors and their organisations, as a result of mentoring? Find out by downloading the Business […]