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Webinar: How to Effectively Recruit and Engage Members with Value Add-Programs

Overview The internet is alight with talk about Artificial Intelligence, members are busier than ever and they are navigating unprecedented disruption to their careers (layoffs, technological automation and post pandemic challenges). Attracting young or new members to your association in these circumstances is getting harder and existing models of non-dues revenue are being turned upside […]

Webinar: Unlocking Mentoring Program Success with Training

Date: Thursday 22 June 2023 Time: 12:00noon – 1:00pm AEST Overview Do you ever feel like you’re stuck in your career or personal development? You may have a great boss or team leader, but are they the right mentor for you? Just because someone has years of experience in their field doesn’t necessarily mean they […]

Webinar: The Age Divide in Employment

The Age Divide in Employment: Why Mentoring is Key to Retaining and Supporting Older Workers Date: Wednesday 20 September 2023 Time: 12:00noon – 1:00pm AEST Overview The Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI) and the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) recently released their fifth report on the employment climate for older workers. Despite making up 20% […]

Webinar: What Makes a Good Mentor? 5 Decades of Insight

Date: Tuesday 24 October, 2023 Time: 4:00pm – 5:00pm AEDT Overview Discover the evolution of mentoring in the workplace with Art of Mentoring Founder, Melissa Richardson and Coaching and Mentoring International Founder, Professor David Clutterbuck, the pioneer of supported mentoring in Europe since the early 1980s. In this 60-minute webinar, gain insights from five decades […]

Webinar: Making Virtual Mentoring Work

Presented By Melissa Richardson, Founder, Art of Mentoring Lisa Fain, CEO, Center for Mentoring Excellence How can you succeed in virtual mentoring? In the remote and hybrid world, creating connections and mentoring relationships is key to your own personal and professional development. But what does mentoring look like now? How can you develop and foster relationships […]

Recording: Introducing the Art of Mentoring Academy

Advancing the skills of mentors through knowledge, skill building and community collaboration Overview Are you ready to enhance your skills from a good mentor…. to one that can truly make a difference in the development of your mentee? Or maybe you have a team of leaders that you want to upskill so that your whole […]

Recording: Mentoring in a Modern Context

Overview There are some people that are seemingly gifted with natural mentoring abilities however there is an underlying ‘art of mentoring’ that is not an easily obtained capability and is likely a skill that the best mentors are aware that they are ever evolving and mastering. In different contexts for example their style or approach must […]

Webinar: Supporting Healthcare Workers Through Post Pandemic Change

Overview There’s no question, the healthcare industry is enduring a difficult time as it reorganises itself post the height of the pandemic. The demand far exceeds the resources available. Burnout levels are at an unprecedented high, and frankly many skilled workers – experts in their respective field in fact – are considering leaving the industry. […]

Webinar: Mentorship Programs for Associations

  Mentorship Programs for Associations – Building a Highly Successful Program to Engage and Retain Your Members Overview Associations are increasingly aware of the potential value of association-led mentorship programs. Current members find a reason to stay, young industry entrants a reason to join, and leadership capabilities are cultivated within the association itself and the […]

Recording: Mentoring Programs for Culture Shifts and Embracing Diversity

Overview Today’s organisations must be able to capitalise on diversity – tapping into a multi-cultural workforce, managing the demands of an increasingly well-educated and experienced cadre of female managers and facilitating virtual teams and alliances in a global workplace. Never has there been a more crucial time for business leaders to get serious about diversity, […]